Las interacciones profesor-estudiantes: fundamento de la formación en las profesiones


Avaliação: Revista da Avaliação da Educação Superior (Campinas)




Recognizing the challenges that higher education faces in today's university, the present article proposes teacher-student interactions as the nucleus of education, whose study will bring light to a creative and fruitful reconstruction of the educative processes oriented towards developing capable and ethical professionals with a sense of personal identity. It is based on the belief that the educational interactions are formed by two determinants: on one hand, by the internal logic, structure and dynamic of the profession and its relations with other professions and, on the other hand, by the concepts, intentions and actions of the actors in their daily interaction. The interaction, in this context, has the purpose of professional training; from there it is necessary to recover the concept of Bildung as a repository of a tradition that is identified as and also identifies the place of the university in society, not only as a "general knowledge" education, but also as a well rounded education, shaped from the specific major chosen by the student. As a result, a methodological proposal to study the educational interactions in the professions is made, a method that can also be useful to empirical analyses on the topic that serves as foundation both for the didactic and curricular design, as well as for the pedagogical constructions in the context of higher education.

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