Análisis de las concepciones de los estudiantes para profesores sobre las matemáticas y su enseñanza-aprendizaje






The paper presented here is part of a research study carried out with trainee-teacher students who specialized in mathematics and physics at the Faculty of Educational Science at the University of Piura in Peru. The aim of the study is to identify their conceptions of mathematics and its teaching and learning (ZAPATA; BLANCO, 2007; ZAPATA, 2009)¹. This paper presents the conceptions of students of mathematics and physics in the Faculty of Education at the University of Piura (Peru), as well as a comparative study on such conceptions using the questionnaire by Camacho, Hernández and Socas (1995) on population groups in Spain and Peru. It is concluded that are that there are no important differences in their conceptions in spite of the different training programs in both countries, which means that it is necessary to investigate more in the search for programs based on elements that enable future teachers to have a conception of mathematics based on rediscovering knowledge using problem solving as the backbone of the teaching. It has been assumed here that the teacher trainers and tutors in the mathematics teacher training programmes must take the trainee-teacher's knowledge and conceptions into account to orientate them, as future teachers, in school activities and in teacher training sessions.

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