International strategy and marketing: a contribution to the study of international business of emerging country companies / Estratégia e marketing internacionais: uma contribuição para o estudo dos negócios internacionais de empresas de países emergentes




The goal of this dissertation is to provide a contribution to the theoretical knowledge in the fields of international strategy and marketing for companies from or in emerging countries. To achieve this goal, it was conducted a synthesis of the literature on the subject and a field research, comparing companies from developed and emerging countries in its international performance, specifically evaluating their marketing and strategic decisions during the exporting effort. The research was developed based on the analysis of secondary data and structured on theoretical models available in the international management literature. The results found indicate that there are differences between the two groups (companies from emerging and developed countries) and that these differences should be taken into account during the development of theoretical models to guide companies in emerging countries in its international management. At the same time, the research results do not corroborate traditional views about the exports of emerging countries companies, supposedly associated with the export of non-dynamic products. At the end of the work, theoretical models are presented from the analysis of the research results. These models can support internationalization effort of emerging countries companies, helping them overcome market and conceptual barriers that impede their success.


países emergentes strategy internacionalização internationalization emerging countries marketing marketing estratégia

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