Programa de integração de clientes internacionais como estratégia de marketing de relacionamento : o caso ciser / Interation program to international customers as a strategy of relationship marketing: case Ciser




The dissertation subject came up from a relationship marketing tool used by Ciser in the domestic market, which the objective is to become the differentiation comparing to their competitors and in the market. Based on this tool, a proposal for an integration programme with international customers has been worked out, with distinct dimensions due to the cultural differences existing in the countries the company has commercial relations with. The theoretical asement of globalization, internationalization, competitiveness and relationship marketing was necessary, once the environment focused on the international customers. The objective of this integration programme is to improve the relationship with the customers, to consolidate the image of the company, to know better the customers values and to evaluate the customers satisfaction concerning the products and services. The tool used in this proposed integration programme to the international customers is an Event, once shareholders and CEO s will be getting along with each other during the development of this Event. The exchange of information with large companies, which are acting nternationally, reinforce the event as a relationship marketing strategy.


globalização relationship marketing marketing evento relações internacionais event marketing de relacionamento clientes administracao de empresas customers

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