HistÃrias de vida de professores e as marcas de um estilo: âeducar: uma tarefa possÃvelâ




This study researches the relations between the personal/subjective life experiences of the teacher and his/her professional identity/practice, and how the life experiences give support to the process of transmitting knowledge so that it might take place through a unique and creative style with gratifying results for the teaching-learning process. Considering that the educational practice is determined by the life stories of teachers and by their school experiences, instead of putting into context the professional choices merely in the perspective of historical and social circumstances that were a basis for such opportunities, this study is interested in how the teachers lived their life trajectory, and what is their relationship with their professional practice, and the possibility of self-realization in teaching. The subjects of this study were 17 students and former students of the PIE â UNB (Pedagogy for teachers for basic preschool education and elementary education), who were part of the continued formation course Educational memory and teacher subjectivity: from the imaginary to the symbolic, carried out by two institutions: UnB and UCB. The data collection tool used was the educational memory of the teachers, qualitatively analyzed, and the results interpreted in light of psychoanalytic theory. The conclusions of the study lead to the fact that beyond subjective issues and unique experiences of the educators, it is necessary to think of the teacher formation process within its historical and unique complexity, reflecting along with the teacher, and with the teacher as a starting point, about their practice and everything that escapes them: their life cycle, their feelings, what they live through their work, and how all of these aspects affect one another, forming their life story. To introduce any change in the educational practice of teachers and in the reorientation of actions and provisions of their formation, it is extremely relevant to understand and include the personal life story of the teacher in their professional trajectory, since both aspects form the double face of the âbeingâ teacher.


formation of teachers formaÃÃo de professores education psychoanalysis educational memory educaÃÃo professores â formaÃÃo; psicanÃlise; educaÃÃo psicanÃlise psicologia educacional memÃria educativa

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