Habilidades de codificacion y descodificacion de tablas y graficos estadisticos: un estudio comparativo en profesores y alumnos de pedagogia en enseñanza basica


Avaliação: Revista da Avaliação da Educação Superior (Campinas)




The article presents results obtained from a test application to 47 in- service and 44 prospective primary school teachers. Both groups responded a descriptive comparative cross- assessment test, validated by expert, with a Cronbach alpha reliability of 0.75 and a content validity index of 0.66. For data processing and analysis, descriptive methods such as average, standard deviation and percentage frequency were used. Results show that, in general, both in- service and prospective primary school teachers apply decoding processes below expected levels, which means that, according to Curcio's categorization, subjects would belong to level one. In other words, they tend to have basic or initial skills associated to decoding and analysis of information.

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