Evaluación de habilidades en matemática y comprensión lectora en estudiantes que ingresan a pedagogía en educación básica: un estudio comparativo en dos universidades del Consejo de Rectores


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Based on a comparative cross-assessment diagnosis conducted in two Council of Rectors (CRUCH) universities in southern Chile in 2009, this paper shows the results of Math reasoning and reading comprehension skills assessment of entrant students from the Primary School Teaching Program. Data for this paper comes from a test with Cronbach's Alpha reliability of 0,82 in Math and 0,64 in Reading Comprehension, which was applied to a sample of 80 students. Data analysis required one-variable and multivariable descriptive methods and the results dramatically showed either a low command of both skills or far lower than expected performance for entrant students from the Primary School Teaching Program, especially in Maths.

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