Gestão em organizações não governamentais: um estudo da Associação de Advogados de Trabalhadores Rurais no Estado da Bahia




This research encompasses the study of the Third Sector, regarding its professionalization and influence toward the sustainability of the entities that integrate it. The study of case was the methodological choice and the local research was the Lawyers Association of Agricultural W orkers in the State of Bahia AATR, a Non-Governmental Organization, that acts more than 25 years in defense of subjects related to the social matters, in special to the agricultural causes, in order to investigate its management model. W e observed that there is little information published about the management of the Non-Governmental Organizations NGO; moreover, even this question emerges as a challenge for the researchers of this area, we did not verify a model proper for understanding the management of the NGO. W e ascertain that the theoretical references used for the study of the management of these organizations is based on the administrative theories constructed for the enterprise organizations, hence it takes us to question of how much of them are appropriate for institutions of different nature as the NGO. Still, we tried to understand the relationship between the professionalization of the NGO, and the international agencies of cooperation. In addition, due to its importance in the actual world processes, we analyzed the Third Sector concept. In this analysis we present an historical contextualization for the appearance of the Third Sector, and the entities integrated to it. On this subject we noticed that the Third Sector includes several types of organizations, and that there is no agreement on its meaning, neither on its composition.


sustentabilidade organização não-governamental terceiro setor management third sector gestão administracao de setores especificos non-governmental organizations sustainability

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