Fronteiras fractais em sistemas hamiltonianos e em relatividade geral




We study the dynamics of test particles in Hamiltonian systems with escapes, including Newtonian systems (the Hénon-Heiles system for energies above the escape energy) and general-relativistic systems corresponding to static axisymmetric mass distributions, which could be used to model galactic cores; in particular, we study the motion of test particles in gravitational fields generated by halos, with and without a central black hole, in both the Newtonian and the relativistic formulations. We also study an idealized two-black-hole system, wherein the motion of test particles is reduced to a map, and a symbolic dynamics is explicitly found. We find these systems have in general chaotic dynamics, and the sensibility to the initial conditions manifests itself in the fractal structure of the basins of escape. The fractal dimension of the boundary between the basins gives us a quantitative measure of chaos in these open systems


sistemas hamiltonianos fractais relatividade geral (fisica)

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