Estudo das variáveis de processamento das matérias-primas da região do crato - ce na fabricação de produtos cerâmicos por extrusão e por prensagem




The limits to inform is about the character stico of basic, quimica, mineralogical and mechaniques of matlaughed material used in the manufacturing process the product certified in economic region the Cariri, specifically in the city of Crato, Ceará state, motivated the development of this work, since in this region the exist ing economic context that a general appear as important in the production chains. Were made twentyfive soils-test specimen collection and the study was performed to differentiate the mat laugh materials of variaveis processing of mathing raw materials in the factory The product mica monkeys by extrusion and pressing. The results were obtained aps as analyzes: grain size, index of plasticity, fluoresce incidence X-ray difration the X-ray, and analyzes thermicals and properties technological. throughs of curves gresifica returned to was a comparison between the retro the linear, absorb to water, porosity and bulk density. the results show that the excellent distribution and character acceptable available for the processing of the structure color dark red. needing, therefore, of the mixture of a less plastic clay with thick granulation, that works as plasticity reducer. In spite of the different resignation forms for prensagem and extrusion, the characteristics of absorption of water and rupture tension the flexing was shown inside of the patterns of ABNT


engenharia mecanica red mica ceramic products feature the mat laugh-press prensagem extrusion cerâmica extrusão produtos cerâmicos prensagem caracterização da matéria-prima vermelha

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