Estratégias cognitivas para o aumento da qualidade do hiperdocumento para educação a distância.




Actually, the concern with the quality of the products is present in all areas. In Distance Learning (DL), this concern should be even higher. The inherent difficulties of the physical distance between teachers and students enhance the necessity of teachers prepared to the edition of well planed courses, computer environments with adjusted resources and easy to be used, and students motivated to learn in distance. To have an effective process of teaching and learning in DL, it is necessary to support teachers during the instructional material development, helping them to establish the material structure, navigation, organization and layout, considering pedagogical aspects to facilitate the student knowledge construction. In this context, the objective of this work was to validate the use of some cognitive operators in DL context, verifying if the content organization resulted from the use of the cognitive operators enhance the hyper document usability and so its quality. To evaluate the use of the cognitive strategies in DL context, comparative studies were done in which usability evaluations were applied in hyper documents with and without operators.


usabilidade material instrucional ensino a distância interação homem-máquina ciencia da computacao estratégias cognitivas

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