Dicotomia entre o discurso e a prática pedagógica na educação a distância.




The educational possibilities of network-based informal learning environments, when applied to formal learning environments, result in a dichotomy between pedagogical discourse and practice. This is the thesis formulated in the following chapters. The ways to interact through networks and to access the knowledge, and the possibilities of information exchange among internauts in an informal virtual environment are modified when the coursesare formalized. The motivation is that curriculums impose constraints of time ( restricted duration, restricted schedule for exams) and space (constrains to course access for subscribed students, interaction tools mediated by moderators), wich will impact in the sociability of the virtual formal environment. Three pioneer experiences of network adoption in the learning context were analyzed for the developmentof this thesis. The adopted analysis strategy was the comparision of the pedagogical discourse and practice in these three experiences. The methodology followed in this work was a dialectic approach and the field research was conducted using interviews with the authors and executors of the analyzed courses.


distance learning curriculum educação à distância educacao network based learning aprendizado em rede currículo

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