Estado e agricultura no primeiro governo Vargas (1930-1945) / State and agriculture in the first Vargas government (1930-1945)




The period between 1930 and 1945 is characterized by the change in the relationship between the state and economy, especially among state and agriculture, the main productive sector of Brazil‘s economy during the Revolution of 1930. The agricultural sector and agricultural policy adopted by the first President Vargas‘ administration influenced the structural transformation of the Brazilian economy and, in turn, were also influenced by this transformation. The economic, social, and political changes in the country altered the relationship between class and class fractions and between state and economy significantly. This paper aims to verify the inter-relationship between implemented rural development measures and economic and political issues. The qualitative study of these relations is based on relevant literature discussion and is supported by quantitative data drawn from official documents from that period. The history of the Brazilian Ministry of Agriculture and its role in the Brazilian economic transition period is approached here. Macro and micro economics aspects are highlighted, emphasizing the issues of public finance, foreign affairs and the agricultural policy measures used by the federal government then. The importance of agriculture to economic development associated with the absence of specific studies on this field justifies this study. The present study found that Getúlio Vargas‘ administration favored, above all, the politically and economically stronger states with the implementation of these agricultural policy measures, while incorporating the interests of weaker states. In conclusion, this agricultural policy implementation was influenced not only by the need for economic development imposed by the global crisis atmosphere of that period, but also by political factors. Thus, while this agricultural policy favored certain regions, it also guaranteed the political support to federal government. From this paper one can understand the determinants of agricultural policy and the measures implemented in the agricultural area during the first President Vargas‘ administration, and is also a significant contribution to studies in economics.


agricultura e estado - brasil desenvolvimento econômico vargas getulio agriculture and state economic development

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