Efeito do consumo de farinha de linhaça (Linum usitatissimum) no crescimento de ratos Wistar e relação com a digestibilidade de globulinas e fatores antinutricionais protéicos




Linseed is an important oilseed consumed raw as nutritional supplement, that although represents a rich source of nutrients, its nutritional value could be impaired due to the presence of antinutritional factors. In this study, protein fractions from raw linseed flour were extracted and isolated being obtained 12% of albumins, 82% of globulins, 5% of glutelins and 1% of prolamins. These proteins were visualized by SDS-PAGE and albumins showed low molecular mass protein bands around 21 kDa and minor bands, similar to that of trypsin inhibitor; Globulins presented protein bands with high molecular masses, which possibly are constituents of multimeric proteins, such as legumins. After determination of the centesimal composition of raw linseed, it was used as exclusive protein source for young rats to evaluate its effect on animal growth. The results showed negative effects on rat growth (weight gain 73% less than the control group) and reduction of intestinal villus (35%), that could be related with in vitro and in vivo globulin digestibility and proteinaceous antinutritional factors (mammalian digestive enzymes inhibitors and lectins) in albumin fraction. Native globulins showed, by SDS-PAGE, low susceptibility in vitro to trypsin and chymotrypsin, however presented high degradation by pancreatin. Thermal treatment of globulins for 5 and 15 minutes at 100C improved considerably its digestibility by trypsin and pancreatin. Globulins presented 93.2% in vivo digestibility, similar to the control protein. Albumin fraction had high trypsin inhibition activity (100%) and chymotrypsin inhibition of 28.3%; haemagglutinating activity was not detected. The results of this study indicate the negative action of trypsin inhibitors on animal growth, but can not be discarded its combined action with other antinutritional factors, which could compromise the raw linseed utilization as an alternative food


bioquimica flax albuminas antinutritional factors tripsina-inibidores trypsin inhibitors linseed protein digestibility globulinas albumins flaxseed proteínas-digestibilidade globulins linhaça fatores antinutricionais

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