DiagnÃstico da floricultura no Estado de Minas Gerais / Diagnosis of the floriculture in the Minas Gerais state.




Floriculture features through the growth of ornamental plants, cutting plants (flowers and leaves), tunned plants, flowering or not, even seeds production, bulbs, palm trees, seedling, shrub, and other gardening species. Minas Gerais state (Brazil) was currently considered 4th in national ranking of ornamental plants production. The characteristics of the production in this state, however, are unknown. Thus, aiming to carry out a diagnosis of the floriculture in the mentioned sate, verifying production features, producers characteristics and ornamental plants trade, a survey was performed in Minas Gerais state producers from 2003 to 2005. The interviews were done in loco, and the individuals were identified by visiting the productive area and answering the questionary themselves. Studying the answers, it was found that the Minas Gerais sate ornamental plants production is practiced by 427 producers, in a planting area approximately 1.152,6046 ha. Yet, the total cultivated area in (roof or greenhouses) is about 230,37 ha, and the total cultivated area outside is about 922,23 ha. The main cultivated species in the state are: gardening seedlings (498,92 ha.), arboreous seedlings (221,67 ha.), rose for cutting (151,57 ha.) and roses seedlings (19,77 ha.). This sector envolves 2.633 workers, being 2.591 permanents and 42 temporaries. The products are sold in whole Brazil and exported to Europe, Asian and North American. The main exported products are: cutting roses, cutting orchid, wild flowers and lily bulbs. Other informations were observed and are described in this diagnosis. Through these results, it could be obtained an effective knowledge of the floriculture situation in Minas Gerais state, displaying information and classifying the state 2nd in national ranking.


floricultura; plantas ornamentais; diagnÃstico da floricultura floriculture; ornamental plants; diagnosis of the floriculture floricultura, parques e jardins

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