Detecção da condição de rubbing em maquinas rotativas atraves da transformada Wavelet / Detection of rubbing condition on rotating machinery by wavelet transform




This work presents a detection procedure of the rubbing phenomenon and its effects in rotating machinery, applicable on the stationary and non-stationary regimes, using the Wavelet Transform as analysis tool. Firstly, the Continuous Wavelet Transform (CWT) is applied for stationary signals using the Complex Morlet wavelet as mother wavelet, for extracting of intrinsic features of the studied fault. The use of this technique and regime of operation is suitable, because, this multi-resolution analysis is able to evidence possible transients, even in the stationary regime. Afterward, the Wavelet Packet Transform (WPT) is applied for analyzing the variation of the energy distribution contained in bands of specific frequencies for the nonstationary regime. Related to the amount of information contained on the signal of run-up and while passing through the critical speeds of the system, this second technique was chosen by its ability of data compression that makes possible the use of another techniques as well as the online monitoring of machines. Both analyses, CWT in the stationary regime and WPT in the nonstationary one, are studied through computational simulations by the use of Finite Element Method and also through real signals got from the experimental test rig


rotores - dinamica rotors wavelets (mathematics) vibração wavelets (matematica) friction rubbing vibration on-line monitoring

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