Del “exilio” a “la diáspora”. Lenguajes y mediaciones en el proceso de diasporización uruguayo


Horiz. antropol.




AbstractUsing a multi-sited ethnography this article explores the conceptualizations of “diaspora” and the recent but sustained “diasporisation process” for the Uruguayan case. Specifically we analyzed how and who compose the “Uruguayan diaspora” in response to the languages and propitiated mediations in the context of the Dirección de Asuntos Consulares y Vinculación, the “Departamento 20” program, and the actions regarding the implementation of the “voting abroad”. For this purpose, the paper reviews the academic literature on migration in Uruguay, describes the interactions occurred in the V Encuentro Mundial de Consejos Consultivos (2013) and confronts them with the language and transnational political practices of Uruguayan collective in Argentina in order to point out the tensions encrypted in native uses of “diaspora.” Finally, some questions are formulated regarding the challenges posed processes diasporisation to the political theories and liberal democracies.

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