Contagem de células somáticas e composição do leite bovino cru resfriado nos Estados da Paraíba,Pernambuco e Rio Grande do Norte




It was objectified in the present study to evaluate the quality of bovine, raw milk cooled,through the counting of somatic cells and its components (fat, protein, lactose and solids total) in three States northeast Brazilian, to verify the correlation between CCS, ECS and the components of milk and to inquire if the analyzed samples are in compliance with the standards established for the Normative Instruction n. 51 (NI51). The study it was lead in view of in51,published for the Ministry of Agriculture, Cattle and Supplying in 2002. 1865 samples of composition and 3591 samples of counting of somatic cells (CCS) of bovine, raw milk had been used cooled. The samples of composition had been submitted to the analyses physicistchemistries carried through the equipment Bentley 2000 and CCS through electronic accountant, Somacount 300. Of the 1865 samples of composition that had been submitted to the analyses, it was verified that the average value for fat text was on average of 3,53 0.93%;protein on average of 3,23 0.49%; average lactose of 4,39 0.41%; 1,15% minerals average and the average taken away the fat dry extract of 8,77%. For the 3591 samples of CCS one verified that the average value of the 792.289 CCS was of 1.430, 725 cel. /mL. Of the 3590observed samples, 80.39% of the CCS analyses had reached the limit established for NI51. The correlations verified between CCS, ECS and components of milk can present answers differentiated between the variable. In relation the samples of composition and CCS of milk, as much for the places how much for the collection months, they are in compliance with the standards established for NI51. Other works must be lead better to characterize compositionand CCS of cooled raw milk, in the bovine flocks northeast Brazilian.


bovine milk qualidade do leite quality of milk zootecnia células somáticas composition of milk composição do leite normative instruction 51 ccs

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