CompreensÃo de textos : anÃlise das inferÃncias atravÃs de uma metodologia on-line




The following study had investigated the inferencial process in children, in a developing point of view. Specifically, the aim was to check if children, not only were capable to stabilize inferences, but also capable to explain the bases for the creation of theirs answers. It was also an aim, to determine if children connected the justification of their inferences to textual information or previous knowledge (extratextual). Another subject that was considered is the effect of the kind of questions asked which create inferences above the conscience of the inferencial process. To achieve a certain result, forty children, between 7 and 9 year old were evaluated. They were supposed to read a narrative text and answer question which helped the creation of inferences and after that, they answered questions that stimulated the explanation for those inferences. The questions were classified in three types of questions: causes questions, state questions and prediction, according to their nature. Whatâs mores, this study adopted a methodology nor very common to investigation of text understandings: methodology on-line, where the questions were made during the interviews, with some interruptions in certain points previously determinate. The interest in this methodology due to the fact that is permitted nor only to investigate the discrete changes in the textâs mental representation, but also it is a facilitator to explanations for the inferences bases. The results showed that children of both ages generated inferences, which were cohesive with the text. Although the reference to the level of creation of inferencesâ explanation, the nine year old children were more capable to explain the bases of inferences creation than seven year old children. All in all, both groups made it, in bigger frequency trough information from the texts. Another important fact is that Prediction questions are characterized by a bigger explanation difficulty that other questions, independent from the childrenâs age. The information revealed different types of answers suggesting the influence of development and the effect of the question (prediction) in the explanation degree. This fact emphasized the need of the future studies to the better understanding of these matters.


inferÃncias (compreensÃo de texto) compreensÃo de texto (psicologia cognitiva) psicologia cognitiva metacogniÃÃo anÃlise das inferÃncias metodologia on-line

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