Chicken nuggets packaging attributes impact on consumer purchase intention


Food Sci. Technol




Abstract The aim of this study was to evaluate the influence of chicken nuggets packaging attributes on Brazilian consumer purchase intention. Focus group technique was employed in order to identify the relevant packaging characteristics. Forty consumers were interviewed in six sessions where five different types of chicken nuggets packaging were evaluated. After identifying the most relevant parameters for the study (color, picture, brand, and price), the impact of each characteristic (factor) on the purchase intent was evaluated. The conjoint analysis technique was applied to 100 consumers data. Eight stimuli (labels) were prepared by combining two levels for each factor using a fractional factorial design 24-1. The price significantly influences at the time of purchase, which was quantitatively confirmed by the conjoint analysis, demonstrating the importance of a product supplied with a competitive market price. The picture influences at the time of purchase more than color and brand. Despite having less relative importance, warm colors and a brand already associated with the product might contribute positively to purchase intention.

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