The use of white striped chicken breasts on the quality of nuggets and hamburgers


Food Sci. Technol




Abstract The objective of this study was to evaluate physically and chemically chicken breasts with different degrees of white striping (WS), as well as its effect on the process and quality of nuggets and hamburgers. Chicken breasts fillets were obtained from male chicken broilers weighing approximately 3 kg at the slaughterhouse and classified based on the WS degree as normal, moderate or severe. Chemical composition was evaluated (moisture, crude protein, fat, mineral matter and total collagen), as well as pH, color (CIELab), thiobarbituric acid reactive substances, water holding capacity, cooking loss, shear force, dough stability, cooking yield and size reduction of nuggets and hamburgers. The presence of severe WS in chicken breasts changed its chemical composition leading to increased content of fat and collagen, higher lipid oxidation (TBARS), as well as lower crude protein. In addition, breasts with severe WS showed greater cooking loss and lower water holding capacity, besides increased yellow intensity. The presence of WS did not affect significantly the production and quality of chicken nuggets and hamburgers, causing only few changes in hamburger´s cooking loss, and therefore, it is a good destination for this kind of meat.

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