Caracterização da oferta e demanda de agregados minerais em Campinas




Some of the major Brazilian cities face difficults regarding sand and crushed stone supply, the most important mineral aggregate used in house building in Brazil and elsewhere. The main again effects observed are scarcity of raw material, poor quality and high prices. This dissertation aims to characterized and to asses the constraints regarding the supply of these minerals, caused by: a) intense and disorganized growth of the cities making it impossible to continue mineral exploitation near urban areas and producing a conflict between this and other economics activities; b) improper use of mineral deposits and its consequences to the environment, wich generate restrictions exploitation. The research is organized in the following sequence : a) an introductory chapter about the classes to which the minerals in question belong; b) short history about the economic, social and urban development of the city of Campinas, geographic location of the area; c) technical, legal and economical aspects about sand crushed stone, phocusing on the state of São Paulo, d) qualification of the consumption of Campinas; f) characterization of the problem regarding the supply of sand and crushed stone, its causes and consequences. Finally it is presented important transformations the sans and crushed stone market is undergoing, and some suggestions are put forward to the government in order too : 1) compatibilization between the mineral activity and urban expansion and environmental preservation, and 2) improvement of public planning actions to guarantee the continuation of sand and crushes stone sectors as an essential economic activity


agregados (materiais de construção) - campinas(sp) areia - campinas(sp)

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