Avaliação clínica e laboratorial de pacientes portadores de esquistossomose mansônica em localidades endêmica no município de Rio Largo no estado de Alagoas. / Clinical and laboratory evaluation of patients with schistosomiasis mansôni in an endemic área in Rio Largo the state of Alagoas.




A total of 60% of the area of Alagoas / Brazil is considered endemic to the occurrence of schistosomiasis and is not known the classification of clinical forms of the disease. This work has the objective of evaluating an endemic Schistosomiasis population in Alagoas, taking into account the prevalence, classification of the clinical forms and the results of laboratorial analysis. The sample was made of people from endemic areas of Rio Largo/Alagoas. The participants were submitted to a stool examination by Kato-Katz technique and the diagnostic was made after the reading of two microscopic slides for each sample. The patients positive for schistosomiasis mansoni were submitted to a clinical examination and blood collection. The positivity for Schistosomiasis observed in the population under study was of 8.11%. The medium parasite load was of 79,1+174,3 eggs. The clinical forms found were intestinal (90.57%) and hepatointestinal (9.43%), statistically significant at p<0.001. There were not found serious clinical forms. The present study shows results which update information on Schistosomiasis in the city of Rio Largo, data that, although referring to only three locations of this place, suggest the decrease of the parasite load and the clinical forms as well.


esquistossomose endemic diseases physical examination exame físico schistosomiasis doenças endêmicas ciencias da saude

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