Atualidade jornalÃstica na web e critÃrios de usabilidade




This dissertation intends approach the main questions related to the application of usability concept, when those are directed to the format of a sort of news specific from journalism: The breaking news. On this direction there is a effort to recover concepts originated from journalism, joined and considering the task on stablishing an present-time relation, regular and continuous news production, within has a appeal to alternatives of technological order. In this regard, the appropriation of the breaking news, by webjournalism, itÂs influenced from the digital environment and through a network which causes distinguished presentation and format of its contents (or should be). In order to establish these parameters of presentation, the visual ergonomics rises, mainly the usability to indicate that possibilities and limits demanded by the issue of present-time journalistic activity which can be used based on orientation of usability on format web development on such kind of news. Therefore were choosen among thee case-studies on jornalistic portals (Jc on line, folhape and, all tree cases are from brazilian journalism), in order to analyse its last news presentation interfaces and the criteria of usability, based on the study case methodology adopted and heuristic evaluation


web journalism Ãltimas notÃcias usability comunicacao atualidade breaking news jornalismo na web usabilidade present time

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