As meninas de agora estão piores do que os meninos: gênero, conflito e violência na escola / Today´s girls are worse than boys: gender, conflict and violence in the school




This Masters dissertation investigates the violence committed by girls who are students in middle school in a public institution in the State of Sao Paulo, Brazil. The research was conducted in a school located in the north area of the city of São Paulo along the last term of 2006 and had the strong involvement of teachers, students, and the school management staff. For the empirical investigation, several methods of data collection were utilized: field observation, questionnaires, meetings with groups of students and semistructured interviews. The theoretical approach used to analyze the collected data included the contributions by Hannah Arendt on education and violence; the debate about violence in school taking place in Brazil since the 1980´s, and the concept of gender developed by Joan Scott. The research found that, more important than whether the neighborhood is violent or not, it is in the domestic and school environment that young girls perceive the use of violence as a way of restoring order, respect, tranquility and, also, individuality. It also meant breaking the invisibility of gender which the girls are a victim of. As a result, it was found, too, that fights involving the girls took part in a list of things that need to be restored and did not involve, as often talked about in schools, the presence of boys as a reason for aggressions. Last, it was found that a) aggressions involving young girls in the school ambience are a challenge to the schools historical task educating the youngest so they can live in society , b) resist gender stereotypes which define girls are fragile and defenseless, in addition to being more peaceful than boys and, at the same time, c) they partly reproduce the gender stereotypes that make up the masculine hegemony: the one that discloses violence as the best way of resolving conflicts


escola violência resistência gender girls garotas gênero school reproduction resistance socialização violence socialization reprodução

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