Arte, ciberarte e interatividade : uma experiência na arte de transição na PROEM




The Transiart or the Transition Art is an iterative and digital language built in the web and by the collectivity. It aims its identity and memory through values and cultural traditions. This research was elaborated with a group of students at Escola do Parque da Cidade City Park School - called PROEM, from Brasília D.F. This school is composed of boys and girls with educational deficit, some of them in personal or social risks. This research intends to analyze and consider the artistic productions of these students in art class and the digitizing process of the images and their product in the virtual world: the transiart. The selected images were created with traditional supports such as paper, pencil, crayon, brush, photography and so on aesthetically digitized. In that way, students could add their creativity by using techniques las animation, redesign, sound, time of images presentations and color, reconfigurating them in a possible virtual environment. Our objective is the understanding of the creative artistic process in the aesthetically feeling of the cyber art student, while creating these virtual images. We also proposed discuss the artistic product generated in this process, called transiart, through the ciberart window.


art ciberarte educação e transiarte cyber art transiart education ciberespaço arte educacao cyberspace

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