Análise da culpabilidade no sistema trifásico de dosimetria na pena privativa de liberdade no código penal brasileiro




The freedom deprive penalty at the brazilian law system has been determined by the rules of the three-phase system appointed at the Brazilian Penal Code. First of all, has been determined the basic penalty which consider the judicial circumstances ordained at the 59 article of the Brazilian Penal Code. After that, are determined the aggravating and the attenuating legal circumstances and at least the third and last phase are the causes of increase and decrease of the penalty. Although the culpability has been appointed as a judicial circumstance, and so, behave the first phase of the penalty measure, this circumstance has been observed even at the two other phases, because the culpability is the criminal guilty measure. By the way, the culpability can be even, legal circumstance and increase and/or decrease penalty cause. The subject about The freedom deprive penalty determination has several jurisprudencial divergence and doctrine controversy, because although, there are legal rules to this kind of doing, they are not enough to remove all the doubts, like: the quantum to be determined to each judicial and legal circumstance; the possibility or not to the penalty exceed the legal limits in the second phase of the penalty measure; the determination order of increase and decrease causes; those are the reason to this research. While analyzing the body of penal laws, we understand that the legislator, working at the first penal individualization mode, hadnt have a large know-how, because didnt show enough discernment to differentiate between increase causes and violent offense causes, violating even, the proportionality principle. So, the best shall be that the violent offense causes were reserved only to the measure of the injury degree and the increase causes, to get the guilty measure


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