A tecnologia da informação na gestão das instituições de ensino superior: o uso estratégico das informações




The manager of higher education institutions are daily challenged of an effective strategic management of their organizations, they need to take decisions and not always they have the appropriate information. The challenge in collecting, organizing and accessing strategic information through many non-integrated systems is not easy. They need do work with various sources of advice, and worse still, with information not always convergent. The use of Information Technology in education has evolved in last years, but its emphasis is strongly perceived in the academic and teaching support, as a tool for e-learning. For management of higher education institutions the Information Technology evolved from an industrial and commercial environment, it suffers the problem of systems adapted to the educational reality and not originally created this market. Management systems, available for educational work, predominantly act in the operational or tactical layers of organizations. The higher education institutions managers still require systems capable of dealing them with the strategic information of their organizations, so make use of various strategies to meet their information they need for decision making. This research points to the need for development of systems for educational administration, to become able to feed the managers with appropriate strategic information for their decisions. The existence of strategic management systems, resulting in the commercial market, does not guarantee its perfect application in the field of management education.


educacao educational management systems tecnologia da informação higher education institution instituição de ensino superior strategic management sistemas de gestão educacional information technology gestão estratégica escolas - organização e administração; tecnologia - administração

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