A prÃtica docente da EJA : o caso da PenitenciÃria Juiz PlÃcido de Souza em Caruaru




The objective of this research was to understand teaching practice in adult and youth education in the Judge PlÃcido de Souza Prison and to situate it within the broad purposes of education. The concept of adult and youth education is discussed with the intention of understanding its expression in the prison environment. The reflection on school education aims to emphasise the purpose of the school in the prison, employing Freireâs dialectical vision as the starting point for the investigation. To this end, the organisation and development of the teachersâ work in the classroom is analysed. The research employed observation, questionnaires, interviews, documentary analysis and seminars, procedures generally associated with studies of an ethnographic nature. The study revealed that teaching practice in adult and youth education is aligned with the concept of education for social change whose finality is to contribute to the reconstruction of prison studentsâ attitudes and values. This same ideal was identified in documents produced by the Secretariats of Education and Culture and Social Defence of the State of Pernambuco. However, evidence revealed that these documents and the respective theoretical formulations are not discussed systematically with the teachers. These teachers carry out their teaching practice in accordance with the existing possibilities offered by their working conditions, using the textbooks they possess and based on their understanding of what education and especially elementary education should be. In this process they face up to situations calling on that knowledge elaborated on the basis of their daily experiences and in accordance with their professional and working situation


educaÃÃo de jovens e adultos â construÃÃo histÃrico/teÃrica penitenciÃrias â prÃtica docente â finalidade educacional educacao sistema penitenciÃrio â implicaÃÃes do Ãmbito prisional â educaÃÃo escolar

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