A poluição atmosférica por material particulado na mineração a céu aberto. / Atmospheric pollution by particulate matter in the open pit mining.




Atmospheric pollution aspects were analyzed. Two types of ambients were selected for study: a mining ambient and an urban ambient. To obtain a preliminary evaluation of the quality of the air in these ambients a sampling program was accomplished for each area. Two basic points were studied: the concentration of the total suspended particulates and the chemical and physical characterization of the particulate matter. The concentrations of total suspended particulates were obtained through the use of high volume samplers (Hi-vols). The reference method used was the high volume sampler method, proposed by ABNT through the norm NBR 9547: 97. The physical characterization involved the determination of the size distribution of the suspended particulate matter while the chemical characterization involved the determination of its composition. The analytic techniques used for the characterization of the particulate matter were the X-Ray Fluorescence (XRF) for the chemical characterization, and the Low Angle Laser Light Scattering (LALLS) for the physical characterization. Concentration levels for total suspended particulates showed that the mining areas presented higher values than those for urban area. Legal standards were exceeded in the mining area, fact that did not occur in the urban area. Size distributions of the particulate matter demonstrated that the finest fractions were found in larger amounts in the mining areas, while the coarses fractions were present in larger amounts in the urban area. The chemical compositions of the suspended particulate matter in the mining areas were very similar to the compositions of the rocks been mined.


mineração particulate matter poluição do ar total suspended paticulate high volume sampler mining air pollution amostrador de grande volume análise química material particulado partículas totais em suspensão particle size distribution chemical analysis distribuição granulométrica de partículas

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