A construÃÃo do protagonismo feminino no cinema pernambucano na contemporaneidade: uma anÃlise sobre o Ãdipo, a perversÃo e a prostituiÃÃo na construÃÃo do imaginÃrio sobre a mulher pernambucana




This article analyses the construction of female protagonism on the last three films produced and launched in BrazilÂs Northeast. These films have women as lead roles. "O CÃu de Suely", "Deserto Feliz" e "Baixio das Bestas". Why all the protagonists on these films are, were or will be playing a prostitute? How will these characters help us to reflect on the condition of the female gender in the Northeast region? In this text, psychoanalysis concepts will be used to build a dialog based on Oedipian Myth in an atempt to investigate the construction of the female subjectivity and its connections to the male world. Thus, all accounts to the worldwide male crisis in the contemporary world will be taken into consideration. How these films utilizes female image and how Oedipian Myth is portrayed in both technical and asthetics of these three films?


oedipus feminismo Ãdipo cinema comunicacao cinema feminism

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