Contribuição ao estudo da soldagem em ortodontia




This essay had as objective to evaluate the traction resistance of silver- solder available on the market, determining the max mum res stance limit. 3 commerical types of silver solder were used cne produced in Brazil (Morelli) and two produced out-side Brazil (Nabi l-Metal and Unitek) . Fifteen solderings were carried out with each of the three solders essayed. All solderings were done by the same craf tsman. The stainless-steel wire and lhe f lux used were the same in each of the three solders (flux Rocky Mountain and round stainless-steel wi e of 0. 7 mm Trademark Wi ronit) . The samples were tradictioned in a Otto Wolpert-Werke machine at a velocity of 0.5 mm/s till tlhe rupture of the solder. In spite of all solderings have been done by the same craftsman and under the same laboratory conditions. The results obtained were very variable demonstrating the importance of the skill of the operator at the moment of lhe soldering. The solder Nobil-Metal showed a highest traction resistance than solder Unitek . The highest average traction resistance varied from 37.86 to 47.53 Kgf that means, any one of the solders studied present suf ficient resistance to be used clinically.


ortodontia - soldagem

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