Um sistema de suporte ao controle de tensão e potencia reativa com processamento de conhecimento




ln the Power Transmission Systems operation, voltagej reactive power probIems can occur, any time due to contingencies andjor changes in demando However, appropriate contraI decisions are necessary in a short time, in order to improve the operating state and not to put the security and reliability of eIectric system at risk. Some of these situations can require solutions based on specific knowledge of the operators of the eIectric system. This kind of knowledge begins with practical operational experience acquired along the years. Therefore, control decisions must be taken matching the operator s experience with proposed solutions by computational algorithms based on mathematical methods. At present, there is a possibility for "storing and using" the specific human knowledge acquired experimentally through Expert Systems. Several systems are proposed in the literature to support voltagej reactive power controI. The purpose of this work is analysing some applications of Expert Systems presented in the literature and suggesting a hybrid solution composed of heuristics based on sensitivity analysis with specific knowledge about operating eIectric networks. This system intends to heIp the operators with their control decisions of the problems, and it offers the possibility to deveIop a specific knowledge base, which is independent of the Iogic of the procedural part of the pragram, to be consulted by the system. The suggested methodology is described and the results of the computational simuIations are presented to evaluate the deveIoped pratotype


potencia reativa (engenharia eletrica) tensão - concentração energia - transmissão

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