Estrategia de controle de um sistema com bifurcação de potencia




Kinetic energy, lost in the form of heat when braking a vehicle, can be stored in a flywheel. The strategy of a hybrid vehicle s operating cycle, which aims to optimize the power flow between the several sources of energy, demonstrates how to store and use this energy to provide thrust to move the vehicle. A simulation of the vehicle s operating cycle, performed on a reduced scale prototype consisting of two motors and a flyweel, a planetary box which bifurcates the power, and a load corresponding to the operating conditions, demonstrates how DC motors should operate in the three phases of the operating cycles. Since DC motors are fed by choppers, a mathematical model is developed through a series of points to determine,the system s stability zone (DC motor - chopper) as a function of the relation between the electrical and mechanical poles, direct network gain of the system, and the chopper s operating frequency. Finally, an analysis and a mathematical model of the speed control through state feedback without tachometer is performed, and a simulation of the control form is also implemented


potencia reativa (engenharia eletrica) veiculos a motor teoria da bifurcação

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