Três posições sobre arquitetura inteligente no contexto sustentável




The general aim of this project is to expose the project manners in Intelligent Architecture using technology innovation that can decrease the environment impact caused by human beings habit. The analytical context is focused on social systemic studies, technology innovation, and automation system. The concept of Intelligent Building shows how the automation system works through the artificial intelligence watch and control, offering answers to the human beings expectation and data space readjustment caught from sensors located in functional spaces. The technology innovations can expand the Architecture subject helping in art and design knowledge organization structure full filling the green building, establishing technology as knowledge sustainable organizer in Architecture, which means: Intelligent Architecture. There are three propositions that join different concepts in the taxonomy of the whole study. Proposition I: the state of the art in Architecture is inside the concept of Intelligent Architecture; proposition II: the Architecture cultural language in the social systemic study converges to the birth of the green habitat; proposition III: the study of the material cycle of life in Architecture is similar to the technology innovation.


arquitetura inteligente inovação tecnológica ecologia sustentabilidade

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