Trajetórias de escolarização de sujeitos em contextos de rua




The present research deals with the scholar trajectory of homeless people who in the moment are being sheltered by Vida Nueva Association, located in Palhoça town (SC). The association is a religious community which protects men who live in situation of risk. Besides a place to live, those men receive medical and psychological treatment as well as religious orientation. The meaning of schooling in the life of those men and also the main facts and events that they have experienced on the streets were investigated. Places for socialization as well as the violence they have suffered while living on the streets were identified in order to systematize their scholar trajectory and to know the meaning of the learning process for them. This is an ethnographic research. As a psychologist, I could follow those mens case, since the second semester of 2007 and during 2008, in therapeutic activities such as workshops and meetings as ways for reintegration in society. The group was composed of three men between 30 and 50 years old. They were born in the fifties and sixties in the twenty century. In this scenery, I have tried to state those mens process of schooling and also their trajectory. The preference for homeless trajectory was because their lives were marked by displacements and passages in institutions and also because the streets were a possibility for living and housing. Considering these situations of violence, school is seeing as a place were those people are not welcome. The streets have a favorable dynamics for freedom, offering many possibilities for conviviality and learning


violência histórias de vida school sujeitos em contextos de rua people on street context educação informal informal education processos de escolarização escola life history educação não-formal educacao pessoas desabrigadas palhoça (sc) schooling process educação de adultos violências

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