The new rural sector and tourist activity in Carrancas-MG / O novo rural e a atividade turística em Carrancas-MG




This dissertation studies current rural conditions in Carrancas, a municipality located in the campo das vertentes of the state of Minas Gerais, in the context of increased tourism activities, as alternatives to, and/or complementary source of, income for farm owner-operators of this locality. It is informed by current debates concerning recent transformations in rural Brazil the new rural area and the new rurality considering changes in productive activities and socio-cultural relations. In this context, I discuss themes such as pluriactivity, multifunctionality and the diversification of productive units to contextualize social and economic conditions, as well as analyze motivations for the incorporation of or decision not to incorporate tourism activities by farm owner-operators. Then I discuss a variety of definitions of types of tourism in rural areas as reference to adopt an operational definition of local tourist activity; to characterize farm types in Carrancas; and to discuss the role of women in these activities. The main objective was to understand the productive strategies of the rural owner-operators, using ideal types, specifically, traditional farmers(those who continued only as dairy producers); pluriactive farmers (those who diversified their productive units, especially with the incorporation of tourism activities); and new rural entrepreneurs (those who implement tourism activities as an additional rural income-generating activity). A questionnaire was applied to an intentional sample of farm owner-operators whose properties are located near natural tourist attractions in Carrancas. This was supplemented be semi-structured interviews with technicians and local public authorities. The data revealed conditions under which these farmers have incorporated tourism activities on their farms or have chosen not to as well as the principal impacts of tourism activities within the municipality.


ecoturismo agricultura em tempo parcial extensao rural ecological tourism part-time agriculture

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