The gem data structure for n-dimensional maps / A estrutura de dados gema para representação de mapas n-dimensionais




Maps are subdivisions of topological spaces into simple regions, and triangulations are a specific kind of map wherein each element is a simplex (edge, triangle, tetrahedron, etc). In this work, we analyze the problem of representing the topology of triangulations and maps with arbitrary dimension. We study a representation based on edge-colored graphs, already used as theoretical tool, but never employed in practical applications. The main limitation of this representation is the relative inexibility imposed on the manipulation of topology. There are, though, great advantages in its use, as its simplicity and generality. This work consists in the theoretic specification of a data structure based on these colored graphs and of topological operators to build and manipulate the structure.The use of this structure is illustrated by algorithms for computational geometry problems


topology estruturas de dados (computação) geometria computacional topologia data structures (computer science) graph theory computational geometry teoria dos grafos

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