Só um instante, senhora, que eu vou tá verificando se o livro tá disponível na editora: gerundismo, preconceito e a expansão da mudança




This work analyses the variation in the expression of the future in contemporary Brazilian Portuguese. Specifically, are studied the simple future (enviarei), periphrastic future (vou enviar), present (envio) and the gerund forms (estarei enviando e vou estar enviando) known as gerundismo. The quantitative analysis was done through many different sources in order to know the effect of the kind of text, adverb, sentence and aspectual typology upon the many forms analyzed. Under the Sociolinguistics view, it was also done an interpretation of the strong social stigma that surrounds the gerundismo, which is believed to be related to a bigger phenomenon of variation between the infinitive and the gerund.


sociolingüística linguistica gerundismo gerúndio future preconceito lingüístico futuro gerund gerundismo sociolinguistics

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