Sistemas de movimentos no territorio brasileiro : os novos circuitos espaciais produtivos da soja




It has been observed, in the last two decades, that there is a displacement of the soybean s front toward the States of North, Northeast and mainly to the Middle-West of Brazil. However, the new productive regions have a great problem concerned to the logistic, main1y those related to the inefficiency in means of transport. So, the Brazilian government, jointly with a privacy association, has recommended, and maybe it has been visualizing, important projects to become much better the mobility of these areas by creating moving systems in order to export soybean. These kinds of work check how the new soybean productive spatial circles could be established and the Three Axis exporting moving systems: the Northwest Axis; Middle North Axis and the Southeast Axis. The raising and the enlargement of these new means of transport facilitate another running county and a new pattern of logistic for the major exporting companies, giving to those companies a corporative usage of the county and its appropriation as resource. Those county policies rea1ized as much by the State but also by the companies and they have as objective, otherwise, to increase the hegemonic agents competition and velocity and on the other hand they have ungovernable and disaggregated factors. Those characteristics indicate the lack of a national project that could privilege the Brazilian county despite the bad imperatives of the market internationalization . Thus it becomes a necessity, the replacement of these outside nets by inside nets that could attend on a county integration project which could increase the inside market through the production of a regional productive supplementary, agrarian redistribution and an increase for new productions


integração regional planejamento regional soja - exportação - brasil soja - transporte geografia politica

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