Sistema multicanal de geração e recepção de ondas ultra-sonicas para transdutor matricial linear / Multichannel system for generation and detection of ultrasonic waves with a linear array transducer




Ultrasound in medicine has gone through great evolution in the last few decades and has occupied important position as a tool for therapy and diagnosis. This is due to the ultrasound equipment be of relatively low-cost, ultrasound is a non-ionizing radiation, is a non-invasive imaging method, and the images are created and seen in real time. It is common the use of transducer arrays in order to generate this kind of image. There is a lack of know how in Brazil relative to the construction of these transducers and the involved electronics in their operation. The objective of this work was the development of a multi-purpose 12 channel pulser/receiver electronic circuitry to operate with linear transducer arrays. The system is able to fire ultrasound piezoelectric transducers and to receive ultrasound echo signals in the range 0.5-30 MHz. The system has reception circuits with protection against high voltage pulses. The firing of transducer elements and cutting time of the reception circuits, to avoid unwanted signals of natural initial transducer oscillations, can be controlled via PIC 16F877 hardware and software designed to connect the system to a microcomputer. The electrical characteristics of the 12 channel pulser/receiver and its use in firing a specially constructed 1 MHz 12 element PZT transducer array has been carried out and the images of a specially constructed phantom showed that it can be used in laboratory conditions


transdutores piezoeletricos ultrasound imaging imagem ultra-sonica engenharia biomedica piezoelectric transducers ultra-som na medicina circuitos eletronicos biomedical engineering ultrasound in medicine electronic circuitry

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