"Sintomas psicológicos e comportamentais em pacientes com demência de amostra representativa da comunidade de São Paulo: prevalência, relação com gravidade da demênciae com estresse do cuidador" / Behavioral and psychological symptoms of dementia in a community dwelling são paulo-brazilian population : prevalence, relantionship with dementia severity and with caregiver burden




Behavioral and psychological symptoms of dementia (BPSD) are common and associated with worse prognosis, higher costs of care, increased caregiver burden and earlier nursing home entry. The purpose of this study is to determine BPSD prevalence in Alzheimer Disease (AD) and cognitively impaired not dement (CIND) diagnosis in a community sample with 60 years or over of São Paulo city, and correlate these with intensity of cognitive deficit and caregiver burden. Of the 1560 individual interviewed, 42 had AD and 16 had CIND. An overall of 70,5% of individuals with AD reported one or more BPSD. Apathy (56,09% of individuals), depression (48,78%), sleep alterations (34,14%), and anxiety (29,26%) were the most prevalent disturbances in AD. These disturbances were significantly more prevalent in participants with AD than in those normal and with CIND. Although the CIND group had more symptoms than normal control group, this difference was not significant. Hallucination, agitation/aggression, depression, apathy, aberrant motor behavior and sleep alterations were significantly more common in participants with advanced dementia. The symptoms that highly correlate with caregiver burden were delusion, agitation/aggression, aberrant motor behavior and disinhibition


alzheimer disease/psychology alzheimer disease/epidemiology doença de alzheimer/psicologia estresse psicológico cognition disorders/diagnosis doença de alzheimer/epidemiologia prognóstico comportamento behavior transtornos cognitivos/diagnóstico stress pychological prognosis

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