Santo forte : a entrevista no cinema de Eduardo Coutinho / Santo forte : the intrview in the film by Eduardo Coutinho




This is a research on the of Brazilian film Santo Forte Eduardo Coutinho, from studies on the director, his life and work, and in this film and its forms of production, focusing on different aspects of interviews: the relationship of power, the contrasts between the public and private, the spatial organization, the presence of the apparatus of TV and its various uses, the effect of the camera, the inserts, the photographs and, in particular, investment director of the differential for each character in the moment the interview. This investment at the meeting, allows the person interviewed who is valued and seen as a singular individual, promoting the film in the case, greater rapprochement between the spectator and the person to which the daily life and religion are strongly mixed.


documentario (cinema) entrevistas cinema na educação documentary (cinema) interviews films and education

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