Representações sociais de alunos de 8s e 9s anos do ensino fundamental sobre informática educativa na escola




This work, in view of the strong presence and growing ICT - Information &Communication Technologies - in society, aimed to seek the representations of students from years 8 and 9 of elementary school on Computers in Education. Such representations are seen as an important element to be considered by schools that seek to converge their core educational goals with the new characteristics and interests of this new generation towards pedagogical innovation using ICT. This research focuses on research and the discourse of these students based on the theory of social representations. Data collection was performed in three steps, using three tools: spreadsheet (with four open questions and twenty-one closed), virtual discussion forum (three open questions) and digital text document (three open questions). Content analysis was performed through the creation of categories, followed by preliminary analysis that based summaries of each step, which shaped the social representations of the students. Finally, analysis of students social representations on Computers in Education could understand the scale assume that ICT in the school context and present the Computers in Education as a bridge, anchored in the desire for social inclusion and educational innovation


computers in education information &communication technologies education technology psicologia educacional tecnologia educacional informática educativa tecnologias da informação e comunicação

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