Repensar a Graduação da EAESP: um Estudo de Caso de Inovação / The Undergraduate Course at EAESP: a Case Study about Innovation




This paper aims at studying several factors that influence the accomplishment and consecution of an innovation project. It does so by specifically analyzing the reformulation project of the business administration udergraduate course at FGV-EAESP. The research makes use of the same methodological tools studied by the MIRP (Minnesota Innovation Research Program) in order to evaluate some variables ideas, people, interactions, contexts, and results that influence innovation projects. The research points out the necessity of testing, developing, or adapting methodologies that might allow the analysis of innovation projects, calling attention to hindrances and facilitators in the process. It also generates results that will be occasionally used in other academic projects.


projeto de inovação reestruturação de cursos

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