Reaction of wild solanaceae species to Meloidogyne incognita


Revista Ceres




ABSTRACT The quest for resistance sources against Meloidogyne incognita as a control measure is essential in tomato. Thus, this study aimed to evaluate the reaction of six species of wild solanaceae to M. incognita. The species of wild solanaceae studied were Solanum capsicoides, S. asperolanatum, S. americanum, S. viarum, S. palinacanthum and Nicandra physaloides. Seedlings of wild solanaceae species were transplanted and inoculated with M. incognita. The experiment was performed in a completely randomized design with eight replicates. The analyzed variables were: height of the aerial portion, fresh weight of the aerial portion, fresh weight and length of the root system, gall index, number of galls/g of root, number of egg masses/g of root, number of eggs/g of root and the nematode reproduction factor. Based on gall index and reproduction factor criteria the species S. capsicoides, S. americanum, S. palinacanthum and N. physaloides were classified as resistant against M. incognita. These species also showed a significant increase in height and fresh weight of the aerial portion, length of the root system and fresh weight of the root system. Therefore, these species of wild solanaceae may contribute to the management of M. incognita in future applications.

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