Proposal for a Monitoring and Dispatch System for Distributed Micro-Generation of Renewable Energy in Virtual Energy Centers


Braz. arch. biol. technol.




ABSTRACT The creation and updating of ANEEL (National Electricity Regulatory Agency) regulatory resolution on distributed generation provided a new business environment for the electricity sector, as well as enabling consumers to generate energy. In this context, distributed microgeneration plants management is a challenge, mainly for electric power distributors and for the entire supply chain and services. In this sense, it is urgent to develop a monitoring and dispatch system in microgeneration plants, in order to optimize the capacity factor of the enterprises and to enable the creation of Virtual Power Plants (VPP). VPPs are part of a new dynamic of the energy sector's strategic environment, which strengthens distributed generation through smart meters capable of communicating with operational centers and thus influencing new business models already diffused by the known smart grids. Included in this scenario, this paper presents a proposal for a monitoring and dispatch system for distributed micro-generation of renewable energies, as well as the engineering solution for a final product focused on market expectations.

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