Production and characterization of the biofuels by cracking of vegetable oils through bauxite catalysis / Produção e Caracterização de Biocombustíveis por Craqueamento de Óleo Vegetais via Catálise com Bauxita




In this work, raw bauxite, thermally activated calcined bauxite, calcined bauxite underwent acid treatment were the catalysts tested by its potential in the thermal catalytic cracking reaction looking forward to the production of biofuels from commercial soybean oil as an alternative to fossil fuels. The materials were characterized by the techniques ICP-OES, infrared spectroscopy, thermal analysis, X-ray diffraction and textural analysis. The chromatographic analysis of the biofuels obtained by cracking of commercial soybean oil showed hydrocarbon compounds such as alkanes, alkenes and aromatics, as well as some oxygenated compounds such as carboxylic acids, ketones and alcohols. The products generated by the thermal catalytic cracking process with thermally activated calcined bauxite showed better results than the thermal cracking products because of the low quantity of acids present, which provided biofuels with a lower acidity index, and absence of acrolein. Therefore, the catalyst which was used demonstrated activity in the secondary cracking process, in which fatty acids decompose and give rise to hydrocarbons. The cracking tests with raw bauxite generated a lower biofuels yield and significant amount of solid product and residual oil making unfeasible the process. In order to evaluated the potential of used industrial waste sources for production of alternative fuels, the cracking of the waste vegetable oil studied together with the optimum of the reaction conditions obtained satisfactory result in the gaseous and liquid yield and percentage of crude biofuels generated. The biofuel presented similar composition observed in the biofuels obtained in thermal catalytic cracking of xv commercial soybean oil. This proved that the thermal catalytic cracking process is an alternative solution for the reutilization of waste vegetable oil and fats, both, when discarded inadequately can become environment pollutants


bauxita, craqueamento, biocombustíveis quimica analitica bauxite, cracking, biofuels

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