Processo de ensino-aprendizagem-treinamento no basquetebol: influência no conhecimento tático processual




The objective of the present study was to observe technical-tactical teachinglearning- training process (T-L-T) in basketball analyzing the applied methodology by teacher-trainers and to identify its influence in the level of efficiency of procedural tactical knowledge (PTK). The sample of this study was constituted of 40 male basketball student-apprentices from mini-basket category (10-12 years old), belonging to three groups (A, B and C) that presented different methods of T-L-T. Training sessions was ranked and classified using the protocol developed by Stefanello (1999). In order to evaluate student-apprentices T-L-T, KORA test (Evaluation Guided through Concept) was used. It was developed by Memmert (2002) according to tactical parameters Offer and Guide (OO) and Recognize spaces (RE). The results allowed the following conclusions. It was confirmed that, in group A, it was used a T-L-T process that emphasizes situational-global method. It was verified that in group "B" the use of situational method and mixed method (denominated analytic-global) prevailed. In group "C" was verified an emphasis in use of analytic method. Qui-square (X²) calculation in constituent categories of conditions of tasks parameter (I base individual X²=14,48 p <0,05, combination of foundations X²=56,51 p <0,05, CJ1 X²=45,75 p <0,05 and CJ2 X²=45,8 p <0,05) and in constituent categories of tasks parameter (acquisition of technique X²=23,45 p <0,05, fixation and diversification of technique X²=22,5 p <0,05, application of technique X²=10 p <0,05 and competition X²=46,21 p <0,05) determined significant differences among groups A, B and C. In level of efficiency of PTK, it was confirmed that situational method combined with global method used in group "A improved parameters OO convergent (p=,000) and divergent (p=,000) and RE convergent (p=,000) and divergent (p=,000). Situational method associated with mixed method (analytic-global) utilized in group B, only provided improvement in parameter OO convergent (p=,005) and divergent (p=,024). Finally, analytic method used in group C also improved parameter OO convergent (p=,046) and divergent (p=,013).


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