Políticas públicas de inclusão social na América Latina: ações afirmativas no Brasil e México / Public policies of social inclusion in Latin America: affirmative actions in Brazil and Mexico


IBICT - Instituto Brasileiro de Informação em Ciência e Tecnologia




The Doctoral thesis herein is proposed to present a comparative study amongst the public policies aimed at social inclusion, particularly those known as affirmative actions, in two Latin American countries: Brazil and Mexico. The delimitation of this research is established by the analysis of same policies aforementioned countries, through comparative methodology and of interdisciplinary nature, as well as through the approach on their historical and normative processes and the analysis of the foundations of their societies. The research is focused on the situation of groups that are discriminated due to racial and/or etnia issues and, as a consequence, they are deprived of their social rights which guarantee them the full exercise of citizenship education. Analyses the conceptual issue regarding public policies for social inclusion under the way of affirmative actions by characterizing their purpose, components, contents, and species. It also presents a brief historical of the implant of such policies in the North American context, where, by the way, they were born. Analyses the public policies issue of affirmative actions. Presents a case study on the implement of these policies both in Brazilian and in Mexican universities. Analyses, in a comparative way, the validity and relevance of adopting these policies and the necessity for a broader international exchange having as an objective the integration and the comparative study of the public policies of affirmative actions. This study indicates and proposes issues that must be taken into account regarding the State and Societys interventions in order to guarantee, in a substantial manner, the principle of equality of opportunities, through the implement of these policies for social inclusion. Finally, the study defends the thesis of multiculturalism and distributive justice as the foundation of the public policies of affirmative actions in the under countries analysis.


ações afirmativas affirmative actions distributive justice equality igualdade justiça distributiva multiculturalism multiculturalismo políticas públicas public policies

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